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 Over the New Milford Town Green. Thank You to our friends Roger Szendy, Jay Lewin, Michael Moran and Water Witch Hose Company No.2

The New Milford Town Green, taken at night after the first snowfall of the holiday season

Fellowship Hall Kitchen

Fellowship Hall

The Sanctuary

Harrybrooke Park

The Fall Pumpkin Festival on The New Milford Green large image - please allow time to load360 pan of NM Green
Audio Music Archive - in Realaudio

[SND]Be Not Afraid

click image for photo gallery of the design and construction of the church's float)
New Milford
300th Anniversary Parade Float

click image for larger view)
Students from the First Congregational Church in New Milford prepare to depart for their summer mission trip to the Heifer Project Farm in Rutland, MA. 
bullet.gif (812 bytes)For over sixty years Heifer Project has worked to end world hunger by providing livestock and training to build self-sufficiency for millions of families in 128 countries.  The Congregational Church in New Milford has supported Heifer Project for over twenty five years and the members of the church have purchased livestock, supported programs, and volunteered at the farm. 

For information about becoming involved with Heifer Project please call the church at 860-354-8232.

(click image for larger view)
First Congregational Church Bell Choir

(click image for larger view)
First Congregational Church Senior Choir

Mary Westfall Balloon Tribute
Sunday, January 22, 2012
Feature Church

Fall Clean-up with another incredible turnout by the Boy Scouts and their leaders (see page 4 of the Steeple for more photos and a video).
Here are videos in Apple Quicktime:
- Video2 - Video3

Rev. Mike Moran
Sunday, March 23, 2014
Feature Church

Rev. Michael Moran
Sunday, August 17, 2014
Feature Church

bullet.gif (812 bytes)Rev. Michael Moran - Dec 7, 2014
bullet.gif (812 bytes)Apple Quicktime for Iphone & Mac


Rev. Dr. Donald Westerberg
bullet.gif (812 bytes)
Sunday, August 2, 2015
bullet.gif (812 bytes)Apple Quicktime for Iphone & Mac


Christmas Concert
bullet.gif (812 bytes)Sunday, December 13, 2015
bullet.gif (812 bytes)Apple Quicktime for Iphone & Mac

Christmas Pageant
bullet.gif (812 bytes)Sunday, December 20, 2015
bullet.gif (812 bytes)Apple Quicktime for Iphone & Mac
bullet.gif (812 bytes)Pageant Scipt





[SND] revmoran030605
[SND] revmoran032005
[SND] revmoran040305
[SND] revmoran090504
[SND] revmoran091805
[SND] revmoran091904
[SND] revmoran112804
[SND] revmoran121204
[SND] revmoran110704
[SND] revmoran013000
[SND] revmoran092100

Audio Voice Archive - in Windows Media Audio

Rev. Mike Moran
March 2, 2014
Audio only
Feature Church

Rev. Michael Moran Sunday,
July 27, 2014
Audio only
Feature Church


The steeple clock is back in service!
Apple Quicktime
Feature Church
Windows Media Video
Feature Church
(Watch the hands turn as the
clock is adjusted from inside)

Easter Sunday
bullet.gif (812 bytes)Sunday, March 27, 2016
bullet.gif (812 bytes)Apple Quicktime for Iphone & Mac

Palm Sunday
bullet.gif (812 bytes)Sunday, March 20, 2016
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Laity Sunday
bullet.gif (812 bytes)
Sunday, November 8, 2015
bullet.gif (812 bytes)Apple Quicktime for Iphone & Mac

The rebuilding of the steeple  John Owen, Chairman - Board of Trustees  ... Summer 1992  Feature Church

bullet.gif (812 bytes)Easter Sunday, April 5, 2015
bullet.gif (812 bytes)Apple Quicktime for Iphone & Mac

New Milford Fair Days 2015


Baptism of Colton Michael Brodski
Sunday, March 15, 2015
Feature Church
bullet.gif (812 bytes)Apple Quicktime for Iphone & Mac

Christmas Concert 2014 Feature Church
bullet.gif (812 bytes)Apple Quicktime for Iphone & Mac

Guest Minister
Rev. Denise Clappsaddle

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Easter Service, April 20, 2014 Feature Church

Valerie Tutson
Sunday, March 16, 2014
Feature Church

Rev. Mike Moran
Sunday, April 6, 2014
Feature Church

Concert Director Amy Vinisko at the
2013 Christmas Concert
Feature Church

Christmas Pageant at St. John's
December 16, 2012
Feature Church

Christmas Concert at St. John's
December 9, 2012
  Feature Church

The First Congregational Church Christmas Concert - Featuring:
bullet.gif (812 bytes)Conductor - Choir - Diane Lewis
bullet.gif (812 bytes)Director - Linda Risberg
bullet.gif (812 bytes)The Senior Choir
bullet.gif (812 bytes)The Village Ringers
bullet.gif (812 bytes)Percucussionist James Walker

Download the program in Adobe PDF

Sunday, December 12, 2010. 
Feature Church

Rev. Michael Moran's Celebration Party

Rev. Michael Moran celebrated his 20 year anniversary with us, as well as his 40 year anniversary as an ordained minister.  Watch the celebration party, held on Sunday, October 3, 2010.  Feature Church

New Milford, CT
300 Years & Going Strong!
Opening Celebration -
1 hour,  4 minutes
Feature Church
 Parade Video - 1 hour , 19 minutes  
Feature Church
 Windows Media® - best viewed at 320x240

[SND]Christmas Pageant 2011
(High Definition)
Feature Church
[SND]Christmas Pageant 2011
Feature Church
[SND]Christmas Concert
Sunday, December 11, 2011 
Feature Church

[SND]Sunday, January 8, 2012 Feature Church
First Congregational Christmas Concert 2009
Confirmation, 2007 W/Media Cable/DSL
[SND]revfoley071606 W/Media Cable/DSL
[SND] Palm Sunday 2005  W/Media Cable/DSL
[SND]Church School 2005 W/Media Modem

[SND]Church School 2005 W/Media Cable/DSL

[SND]Church School 2005 Realvideo Modem

[SND]Church School 2005 Realvideo Cable/DSL

[SND] LesleyFoley071005 Modem
[SND] LesleyFoley071005 Cable/DSL
[SND] baptism051505  Modem
[SND] baptism051505 Cable/DSL
[SND] baptism061602  Modem
[SND] baptism061602  Cable/DSL
[SND] baptism071005  Modem
[SND] baptism071005  Cable/DSL
[SND] churchschool022005  Cable/DSL only
[SND] churchschool2006  Modem
[SND] churchschool2006  Cable/DSL
[SND] churchschool092103  Modem
[SND] churchschool092103  Cable/DSL
[SND] confirmation2004  Modem
[SND] confirmation2004  Cable/DSL
[SND] revfoley082805  Modem
[SND] revfoley082805  Cable/DSL
[SND] revhamilton113003  Cable/DSL only
[SND] revmoran051505  Cable/DSL only
[SND] revmoran061905  Cable/DSL only
[SND] revmoran101605  Cable/DSL only
[SND] revmoran112005  Modem
[SND] revmoran112005  Cable/DSL
[SND] revmoran020903  Cable/DSL only
[SND] revmoran053004  Modem only
[SND] revmoran053004   Cable/DSL only
 [SND]revmoran121105  Modem - Windows Media
[SND]revmoran121105  Cable/DSL  -Windows Media

Baptism - Sunday, December 23, 2007
bullet.gif (812 bytes)Jacob Ryan Barton
bullet.gif (812 bytes)Rachel Claire Barton
bullet.gif (812 bytes)Haley Elizabeth Piper
bullet.gif (812 bytes)Margaret-Elizabeth Mitchum Wittmann
Feature Church (Cable/DSL)