The Search Committee has been hard at work for several months moving toward the inevitable part of the process which includes writing the job description and actually listing the position of Senior Pastor here at FCCNM. There are so many steps, however, that need to be completed before we get to that point. Here’s a recap of what has happened thus far.

One of the very first things we needed to do was get some input from the congregation. The most direct way to do that was to create and launch a survey, which we worked in conjunction with Holy Cow! Consultants to develop and manage. The survey ran for about six weeks, and garnered nearly 140 responses — a great response rate!

When the nearly 100 question survey ended, the committee invited the congregation to an evening session where the results were shared, as well as a clarification of many of the points of the survey and illustrate how we compare to similar churches. Since so many questions were raised that evening, and by members of the congregation in general, we moved ahead with scheduling three listening sessions to hear more feedback, and boy did we ever! Dozens showed up to the three sessions and some great ideas and opinions were shared. We’ve kept copious notes so we can refer to them as we move forward. Additional listening sessions will be scheduled this fall, as well, so opinions may continue to be heard — if you haven’t participated, please take a few minutes during one of the sessions to share.

Moving forward, we will be completing our “local church profile” which is a set of facts and figures about the church, the area, demographic information, finances, etc. so we may share accurate, consistent data with applicants once we’ve moved to that part of the process.

We anticipate moving to the advertising portion of the search early in 2020, and hope to have a new pastor permanently installed later in the year.

In the meantime, please feel free to reach out to any member of the Search Committee if you have any questions about the process. We appreciate your confidence, support and prayers as we work together to share the voice of the entire congregation.

Jason Davis, Chair, Pastoral Search Committee

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