There shall be a board of at least six Trustees, two to be elected each year for a term of three years. They shall be eligible for one term immediate reelection. There shall be a Chairperson and a Secretary of the Board of Trustees, these officers to be elected at its final meeting preceding the May Meeting.

The Trustees shall be responsible for the care of the Meetinghouse, Parish House and the Parsonage plus any other real estate which the Church may own or control. The Trustees shall make sure the property is adequately insured, cleaned and maintained, properly scheduled and used and that alterations are made as needs and code changes dictate.

The Trustees may, at their discretion, call meetings of the Church for authorization on matters with which they are concerned.

The Trustees shall supervise the employment of the non-professional staff, to include the Treasurer and Financial Secretary, and other personnel in accordance with their job descriptions and the personnel policies of the Church. They shall also make sure that the non-professional staff is well matched to changing needs.

The Trustees’ written report at the Annual Meeting shall include a summary of all the major activities and transactions of the Church over the past year.

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