2022 Annual Meeting
Sunday, February 27
Following Worship



1.  Welcome – Susan Chapin

2.  Opening Prayer – Deacons

3.  Summary of 2021 Fall Meeting Minutes – Pete DelMastro

4.  Investment Update – Dave  Elmore

5.  Stewardship Update – Jon Case

6.  Presentation of 2021 Annual Report  – Susan Chapin

7.  Old Business – Susan Chapin

8.  New Business – Susan Chapin

9.  Adjourn

If attending by livestream, please use the
online ballot or paper ballot.

Online Ballot

Use the “online ballot” to submit your vote electronically during or after the meeting.

Paper Ballot

Select “paper ballot” to download a ballot you can print.  The printed ballot must be received in the office no later than 12 noon, Tuesday, March 1





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