Expect a lively worship service with a variety of music–choir, bell choir, soloists, organ and piano.  Greeters at the door or others may introduce themselves to you, but we’ll try to give you space, too.  People of all ages will be leading worship, laughing, sharing joys and requests for prayers; you’ll find a real community that welcomes all.

A printed bulletin will guide you through the various parts of the service; our hymns are generally found in the blue hymnals in the pews.  We stand for some parts of the service (indicated in the bulletin) and sit for more of it.

Communion is served the first Sunday of each month.  Trays of bread (including a gluten-free option) and juice are usually served in the pews, and all are welcome to receive communion, including children. 

First Congregational Church is open and affirming.  We welcome all people to the church.  Learn more.

“When Do You Meet?”

For worship, Sundays at 10:00 a.m. followed by coffee hour downstairs in Fellowship Hall.  We also meet throughout the week to knit, sing, cook, eat, make crafts, attend to the work of the church, go on youth group field trips–there’s so much going on.  Be a part of it.

“How Should We Dress?”

What makes you comfortable and ready to worship God?  You will find some folks in suit and tie at SBCC on a Sunday; some in jeans; and kids in Sunday dresses or soccer uniforms.  Come as you are, or as you would like to be!

“What About My Kids?”

Our church loves kids of all ages! See what’s available in our Christian Education program.

“Where Do I Park?”

Spaces that are accessible for people with limited mobility are located behind the church. Others are invited to park behind the Senior Center.

“What About Restrooms?”

Restrooms are downstairs in the church. They are not accessible for people who have difficulty with stairs—but we are working on it! There are also restrooms in the Parish House which do not require navigating stairs but are too small to accommodate wheelchairs.

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