Raise the Roof Update

Our church members and friends have generously stepped up to meet the 40K challenge.  In early January, a donor challenged the congregation to raise an additional $40,000 by June 1 offering to match it dollar for dollar if the goal was met.  On Easter Sunday we announced that we had surpassed the goal.  These monies will be added to the funds raised previously for "Raise the Roof", the church's campaign for structural repair.  Thanks to all who have donated so generously to Raise the Roof and the 40K Challenge.

The Meetinghouse Restoration Committee (MRC) is working with an engineering firm which has prepared plans for the renovation.  The current plan is to reinforce the failed beam with steel.   This approach will achieve the same goal while minimizing further damage to the ceiling.  It is hoped that repairs to the building will begin in the fall, but that depends on meeting various deadlines in the next few months.

The MRC has also applied for a grant from the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) for this project.  The committee is waiting for a decision on funding from SHPO.

More information about "Raise the Roof."

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Baby Bundles

Baby Bundles supplies diapers, wipes and other supplies to families recommended by the town Social Services department.  Distributions are done on the 3rd Wednesday each month.  Volunteers to help with distribution and  donations of diapers and supplies are needed.  Drop off can be made during church office hours, at the Sunday service or by sending a check to the church, noting Baby Bundles in the memo area. Email for more info.

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