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On March 6th we shared a wonderful initiative that Nataliya Gryb and her family put together to help the people of Ukraine. (picture attached).

Nataliya was born in, and spent most of her life in Ukraine before emigrating to the USA in 2003, and becoming an American citizen.

The Grybs live in New Milford, and have many family members remaining in Ukraine.

They brought us some beautiful ribbons to wear in support of Ukraine, for a suggested $2 (or more) donation.

Our donations are targeted for The Ukrainian Red Cross.

We also were blessed to have Nataliya’s son, Anton Gryb, tell us about his family, and why they have created this initiative.

The participation rate was fantastic, and we will be offering the ribbons again this Sunday, March 13th.

If you would like to know more, you can go to the website that the Gryb family created with this link:

If you would like to donate directly to the Red Cross, you can use this link:

If you bought a ribbon please wear it to church.

The Gryb family has asked us for two things:

      1. Pictures of our members wearing the ribbons so that they can share with their family in Ukraine
      2. Our continued prayers

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