From the Constitution:

Stewardship Committee: This committee shall consist of at least six members. This committee will serve to strengthen the ministry of good stewardship of our financial resources. It shall annually plan and conduct the stewardship campaign of the Church.

Current Status:

The Stewardship Committee currently has 3 official active members, Jon Case (Chair), Dave Eherts and Mike Curley. We’re blessed by additional volunteering and input from Dan Martin, Dave Elmore, Shannon Wall and Susan Chapin.

The committee is focused on the following activities:

Annual Pledge Drive. Each fall the Stewardship Committee conducts a program to educate and engage the congregation about the importance of submitting a pledge – a document of intent indicating how much each member or family plans to give to the church during the next fiscal year. The committee also resolves to remind the congregation of the importance of fulfilling or exceeding their pledges throughout the year.

Fund-raising. The Stewardship Committee strives to create one or more fund-raising events to generate additional income destined for the general fund.

The 2020 Pledge Drive is underway and will be concluded soon.. Our goal is to receive pledges from 100% of the families and members of the congregation.

A few fund-raising events are being developed. A special music event featuring a nationally recognized singer, hockey night in Danbury will be scheduled this winter and we’re investigating the idea of 3v3 basketball tournament for next summer.

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