2021 Fall Meeting will take place after the service on November 14.  Members are encouraged to attend in person but the meeting will be livestreamed.  A ballot link is available below.

Meeting Agenda 
  1. Welcome – Susan Chapin
  2. Opening Prayer – Rev Amy Carter
  3. Summary of 2021 Spring Meeting Minutes – Pete DelMastro
  4. Audio/Visual Update – Dave Elmore
  5. Investment Update – Dave Elmore
  6. Stewardship Update – Dave Eherts
  7. Presentation of the 2022 Proposed Operating Budget – Susan Chapin
  8. Old Business – Susan Chapin
  9. New Business – Susan Chapin
  10. Adjourn

Download Meeting Agenda (PDF format)


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The ballot form is only available from 10am-noon on Nov 14.



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